Locksmith Glossary

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walk-in vault
n. a vault with a man door and open floor space inside
wall safe
n. a safe installed in a wall so that only the door and a frame is visible 
n. a usually stationary obstruction in a lock or cylinder which prevents the entry and/or operation of an incorrect key
ward cut
n. a modification of a key which allows it to bypass a ward
adj. having one or more wards
warded key
n. a key with ward cuts only, typically a bit key, flat steel key or corrugated key
Warnock Hersey
n. an independent testing laboratory
wheel lock
n. 1. a lock which prevents rotation of a wheel, 2. a lock which prevents removal of a wheel
wheel pack
n. an assembly of combination wheels
wheel puller
n. a tool used to remove the steering wheel from a column
window bug
n. an alarm system component designed to detect breaking glass
wipe tool
n. 1. a device used to decode lever lock combinations by an arc contact with the configured lever/belly characteristic shape, 2. a tool for cleaning the hidden part of an automotive window to facilitate viewing of linkage
working trim
n. lock or exit device trim which activates a mechanism

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