Locksmith Glossary

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national service provider
n. a nationwide maintainance contracting company who supplies the sub-contracted services of a local technician to a customer
sym. symbol for "no change key," primarily used in hardware schedules
neck (of a key)
n. 1. the portion of a bit key between the shoulder and the bit(s) 2. the portion of a cylinder key between the shoulder and the bow
negative locking
n. locking achieved solely by spring pressure or gravity which prevents a key cut too deeply from operating a lock or cylinder
neuter bow
n. the bow of a key which is unidentifiable to a particular lock manufacturer
n. National Fire Protection Association standards for doors and windows
NFPA 101
n. National Fire Protection Association life safety code
abb. non-fail safe
nib ward
n. a ward formed from a lock case by bending part of the case into the path of the key
nickel silver
n. a brass alloy containing nickel used in making some key blanks and tumblers
night latch
n. a rim mounted auxiliary latch bolt
abb. non key retaining
abb. National Locksmith Suppliers Association
abb. a notation used to indicate "not master keyed" and is suffixed in parentheses to a regular keying symbol. It indicates that the cylinder is not to be operated by the master key(s) specified in the regular keying symbol; e.g., AB6(NMK).
nominal keyset
n. a keyset listed with an "X" prefix in a cross keyed cylinder designation
non-control chamber
n. a chamber in an IC which does not have a separate shear line for the control function
non-fail safe
adj.: a feature of a security device designed to remain engaged, for security purposes, during a power loss
adj. pertaining to hardware that is manufactured in a way, which allows installation on doors of any orientation without requiring modification or adjustment to accommodate the door orientation
non key retaining
adj. of or pertaining to a lock whose key can be removed in both the looked and unlocked positions
adj. having no provision for key operation Note: This term also includes privacy function locksets operated by an emergency key.
non-original key blank
n. any key blank other than an original
non-removable key
adj. a key which has one or more cuts on it which trap the key in the lock upon insertion
non-removable pin
n. pertaining to a hinge whose pin can not be removed when the door is closed
n. door hardware whose hand cannot be changed in the field
n. the part of a non-cylinder lock which contains the keyway and rotates within a horn
nose puller
n. a tool used to remove the nose of a lever tumbler lock and allow access to the tumblers
abb. non-removable key
abb. non-removable pin
abb. National Safemans Organization
abb. National Service Provider
abb. nurse's key
nurse's key
n. a selective master key used in a hospital keying system


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